9 Tips on Caring for Your Natural Hair after the Big Chop ...


Caring for your natural hair after the big chop combines tress maintenance and mental fortitude.

Deciding to go this route takes courage.

It is simultaneously liberating and empowering!

It is also a little jarring – but don’t sweat it too much, we will get through this together.

Caring for your natural hair after the big chop requires a few simple techniques and a good dose of patience.

Many of us kinky/curly/coily ladies do the β€˜big chop’ at least once.

You are not alone.

1. Nerves Galore

Caring for your natural hair after the big chop requires a bit of mental prep work in addition to the physical care and keeping of your hair.

Even if you are fully informed about your decision, you are still anxious about the outcome.

After the big chop, you are a little frazzled but soon feel unstoppable!3

This is totally normal and you are not alone.

2. Gird Yourself

Now that you feel unstoppable, show it!

Calm your nerves, embrace your style and prepare for the attention to come.

Your big chop is now center of attention and it seems everyone has an opinion on the matter.2

Who can blame them?

Your amazing fresh cut β€˜do screams confidence.

3. Cleanse with Care

Kinky/curly/coily ladies know this tip well – use a gentle product and focus on your scalp.

It is important to maintain a regular cleansing regimen no matter the length of your hair.

However, hair after a big chop needs a little extra moisture attention.

Handle with care and rinse thoroughly.

4. Moisturize Regularly

Each step in your cleanse and care routine will pass a little more quickly now that you have a shorter length.

Deep condition once a week as usual and moisturize often.

You may rock a new cut now but those strands are as tender as ever.

Remember to moisturize regularly.

Seal and Seal Again
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