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I have really fine hair so I’m always looking for ways to pump up the volume.

After all, lank, lifeless strands never look that good.

We all want that thick, lustrous hair from shampoo commercials, right?

Good news!

I gathered all the best expert tips for pumping up fine hair and I’m going to share them here with you.

Armed with this information, you’ll always have a full, beautiful mane that will make others green with envy.

1. Head to the Salon and Have Tons of Layers Cut into Your Hair

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Are you surprised to see a tip that doesn’t involve loads of hair products?

I always get my thin hair cut into layers and I can even wear it down on my shoulders without gel that way.

The layers create the illusion of thickness and make thin hair easier to style.

This simple move will give you lots of volume instantly.

And it’s so easy!

2. Add a Clarifying Shampoo to Your Routine a Couple of Times Each Month

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Fine hair requires more washing than thick because it collects product and then is even more lifeless.2

If you wash with a clarifying shampoo once a week or so, you cut through all the residual shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hairspray and everything else you put in your hair.

You don’t need it every day, but it will really make a difference if you use it occasionally.

3. Find Shampoos and Conditioners That Contain Nioxin

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Nioxin is an ingredient that can plump and build volume throughout your hair.

It’s not in all products so you’ll have to read the ingredients to find one that fits the bill.

Using these shampoos and conditioners won’t give you instant results, but with time you’ll start to notice more volume in your hair.

4. Skip the Hairspray and Try Volumizing Powder Instead

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Volumizing powder is sprinkled into the roots of your hair and massaged in.

It works to lift your hair at your scalp, which automatically boosts your volume.

This eliminates the need for hairspray, which can actually weigh your hair down, especially if you use a lot of it.

Part Your Hair on the opposite Side
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