7 Beautiful and Stylish Hair Dos to Give You a Whole New Look ...

Stylish hair dos can save a disaster hair day by giving you an impressive look without anyone knowing that your strands are acting up. I like to wear my hair up when I’m out running errands or playing with my kids, but I don’t always want to sacrifice good looks. Wearing your hair up doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy or like you just left the gym. There are loads of stylish hair dos that you can master and they’ll serve you well, no matter what you have on the agenda for the day.

1. Side Braid

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This is one of my go to stylish hair dos. It looks great on any hair type and it won’t look like you didn’t have time to style your hair. Use a brush or comb to move your hair to one shoulder. I like to wear mine on the left, but either side looks good. Separate your strands into three equal sections. Loosely braid them, leaving about an inch at the bottom. Secure your braid with an elastic and you’re good to go. If you have chunks of hair that fall out, use a discreet bobby pin to keep them in place. You can also add a thin ribbon bow or small silk flower to your braid to dress it up a bit more.

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