8 Beautiful Boho Hairstyles ...


I absolutely love the Bohemian style. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I was such a grunge kid when I was in my early teens, and learned to love the freedom of un-brushed hair. Plus, to be Boho chic is to be both stylish and casual; it's like our generations take on the hippie '60s, without all the peace signs and things. The Boho style is also incredibly easy to do, both in terms of dress and in terms of your hair. Just take a look at some of these beautiful Boho hairstyles and see for yourself!

1. A Twisted Tie

There are a lot of ways to pull off this beautiful Boho hairstyle. If you want a great visual example, just check out the way Nichole Richie does it. You can pull your hair back, twist it up, and leave it as is, or put in some braids. As you will see, braids are an integral part of the whole Boho style, and with good reason.

Au Naturel
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