7 Beautiful Hair Jewelry to Update Your Hairdo with ...

Update your hairdo this season with some beautiful hair jewelry. A bit of hair bling is a great way to add some glamour to your everyday look. It could be as subtle as a few rhinestone hair pins or something more statement making like a fully bejewelled headpiece. If you’re keen to accessorise your hairdo then check out these pieces of beautiful hair jewelry.

1. Jewel and Chain Hair Combs

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Adding some beautiful hair jewelry to your β€˜do is a unique way of accessorising. I’ve seen a few of these jewel hair combs doing the rounds and they look like a stylish way of sprucing up a hairdo. These particular jewelled hair combs are from ASOS and cost around $30. Wear them with your hair up and place them around your up-do to really show off the jewel and chain details.

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