15 Curling Iron Tricks to Try to Keep Your Curls Perfect ...


I've always had a lot of problems with finding curling iron tricks that I can actually use. I am horrible with a curling iron – seriously girls, I couldn't use one for the life of me! Now though, I've mastered the iron because I followed these particular curling iron tricks that are so easy to do and easy to follow! If you have a ton of problems using your curling iron, take a look at my tips below! They do work!

1. Decide What Size You Need

Decide What Size You Need

Now, the size of the curling iron is all going to depend on exactly what type of curls you want and what look you are trying to achieve. This was honestly one of the biggest curling iron tricks that I had no idea about! I thought I could use my small little curling iron for everything! If you want big, beachy waves, you need a big curling iron barrel; if you want small, tight curls, a small barrel will work best!

Know the Material of the Curling Iron
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