7 Cute Pom Pom Accessories to Brighten up Your Hairdo ...

Hair accessories come in all manner of designs these days, but lately we’ve noticed a trend for pom pom accessories. Yep, that’s right. Fashion has gotten all crafty on us as pom poms of all sizes and colours are adorning everything from headbands to hair clips. Right now there seems to be a pom pom accessory to suit all of your hair styling needs. The following are just a few pom pom accessories that will no doubt brighten up your day.

1. Mixed Pom Headband

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Pom pom accessories like this ASOS headband would make a fun addition to any outfit. This headband features an array of colourful pom pom details set on a slim contrast band. Just slip it on over any hairdo to instantly brighten up your look.

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