17 DIY Hair Mask Videos for Girls Battling Dry Hair ...


17 DIY Hair Mask Videos for Girls Battling Dry Hair ...
17 DIY Hair Mask Videos for Girls Battling Dry Hair ...

Dry hair doesn't look or feel good. When your hair is like straw, it can get frizzy, sustain split ends and look lank and dull. If you're suffering from dry strands, a homemade hair mask can restore moisture to your mane. Each of these DIY masks are super easy to make at home and will help you get back the shiny, lustrous hair of your dreams.

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Moisturize and Encourage Growth

The fantastic ingredients in this mask, including banana, egg and coconut oil work together to coat each strand with ingredients that pump up the moisture. Be careful that you don't cook the egg when you heat the mask.


Fights Dryness and Frizz

If your dry hair is frizzy and damaged, this mask is a great choice for you. It contains nourishing olive oil and honey, which infuse your hair with nutrients that restore luster and boost hydration.


Restore Damaged Hair

Often dry hair is full of split ends and just looks damaged. The girl in this video has great hair so you can be sure her mask is a good one. It contains coconut oil, olive oil and lemon juice.


Get Rid of Split Ends

If you have dry hair, you probably have split ends. In that case, you need this wonderful mask to get rid of them. By using this combination of castor oil, argan oil, avocado oil and coconut oil, you can treat split ends, reduce frizz and add moisture back to your entire head of hair.


Dry Hair and Dandruff

Sometimes dry hair results in a dry scalp, which can cause dandruff, or flakes of skin that fall out of your hair. That's definitely embarrassing, but this great mask can help fix the problem. You'll use avocado and coconut oil to add moisture back to your hair and scalp. Perfect!


10 Minute Miracle

If you're battling dry hair right now, you're probably looking for a miracle. Well, here it is. Ingredients that include milk, castor oil and coconut oil come together to moisturize and hydrate your hair.


Deep Conditioning Banana Hair Mask

Bananas are chock full of ingredients that moisturize your hair. This mask also uses coconut milk and an egg to add protein to your strands and plump them up with hydration.


Help for Dry Hair

Dry hair can be a nightmare, which is why you need this avocado mask. It strengthens hair and the healthy fats hydrate it at the same time. Adding olive oil boosts the benefits in a big way.


Totally Easy Hair Mask

Caring for dry hair shouldn't have to take a ton of your time. This easy mask combines coconut, argan and lavender oil with shampoo and conditioner that is created for dry hair. Easy, right?


Easy Egg Mask

Eggs are packed with protein, which makes them a great item for making a DIY hair mask. Olive oil and milk make this mask easy to apply and amplifies the hydrating benefits. Cool!


Milk and Honey Mask

This mask was designed for color treated and dry hair so it's safe if you use dye on your strands. Both milk and honey are hydrating and soothing so this mask helps battle dryness and the unpleasant issues that go with it.


Deep Conditioning Mask

Dry hair really benefits from a regular deep conditioning treatment. You can make this one at home instead of having to buy one. It's easy and contains a healthy combination of coconut oil, mayonnaise and avocado.


Moisturizing Hair Mask for Split Ends and Damage

Again, if you have split ends or other damage as a result of your dry hair, a mask is a must for. You'll love this one, which contains shea butter, sunflower oil and olive oil.


Silky Smooth Hair

This mask is a great choice for restoring luster and shine to your dry hair. Use banana, aloe vera and yogurt to make this easy mask. Apply it and get ready for beautiful hair!


Soft and Healthy Hair

When you use this hair mask on a regular basis, you can expect hydrated and healthy hair that stays that way over time. If you're ready for good hair days every day, this mask is the answer. It contains avocado, olive oil, honey and is super easy to make.


Protein Deep Conditioner Mask

Protein is a must have ingredient for healthy and moisturized hair. This mask is simple to prepare and will penetrate deeply into your strands for hydrated and lovely hair all the time. Ingredients used include olive oil and yogurt.


Nutrifying Egg Mask

Here's another great mask that uses egg, mixed with milk and lemon juice to restore your lustrous, healthy hair. A few applications and you should notice healthier, more hydrated hair in no time.

Are you excited to get gorgeous hair? Which hair mask do you want to try first?

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