Hair 🙆 Porosity Test 💦 and All You Need to Know☝️about Your Hair Type ...

Having a hair porosity test and knowing the type of hair you have is extremely important. You need to have this key information about your hair structure before you try different regimes and products.

First, please allow me to explain what porosity really is.

Porosity is the ability to retain moisture, or according to the quality of being porous. (Which means quality that allows liquid get through).

Much love to you all! Be beautiful. Be Natural.

1. Let's do a Hair Porosity Test First

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This is how the hair types differ up-close:

Now, let's do a simple test to check porosity type of your hair:

The first thing you need is to get a cup of water.

Next: you want to place one strand of hair into the cup of water.

How to tell the porosity of your hair?

- If it floats: low porosity
- If it sinks slowly: normal porosity
- If it sinks fast: high porosity

Do the test now and read on about your type of hair.

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