7 Hair Tutorials for Women Who Wish They Had Shorter Hair ...

You don't want to cut off all of your hair and then end up regretting the decision. There's a way for you to keep your long hair while trying out a short style to see how much you like it. All you need is a few minutes in front of the mirror and plenty of bobby pins to hold everything in place. Interested in the idea? Here are a few hair tutorials for women who wish they had shorter hair:

1. Faux Bob

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You don't want your bob to look like you're trying to hide your hair. To fix that, you should make sure to create shapes with your bob and add texture, so that you look more stylish. First, you're going to start out by making a base. Next, you're going to curl the back of your hair. After that, you'll pin the back, pin the front, and call it a day!

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