Everything You Need to Know about Putting on and Caring for Hair ExtensionsπŸ’πŸ“– ...

Many women wish for hair that is fuller and longer. Luckily, today we can achieve that in a matter of minutes with hair extensions. If you have never tried hair extensions you might feel a little intimidated by the idea of adding luscious locks. Don’t worry, putting on and caring for hair extensions isn’t as hard as it seems.

1. Start at the Back

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To put extensions in you will want to start by sectioning off the hair at the nape of your neck. Section off the hair from ear to ear. If you have fine hair, you might want to tease your hair at the base to give the extensions a little something more to hold on to. Put a medium clip in here.

2. Move up

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Come up above your ears and section off again. This will be right above your ears along the widest part of your head, so be sure to use your wide set of extensions here. Again, tease the base of your hair if you are worried about them falling out.

3. Next Piece

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You should have one more wide section of extensions. This one will go just under the crown of your head. Section off the hair and clip in. I’ve noticed it is best to start by attaching the center clip in place first and then doing the sides.

4. Create More Side Pieces

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Some beauty experts suggest cutting down a larger section of hair extensions to create side pieces. Then cut between the clips to create smaller sections that are perfect for adding length and body to the side of your head.

5. Add the Sides

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It is important to remember when you are clipping in the side pieces that you place them a little further back, but not too far. You still want to add fullness to the front, but you don’t want them to be easily detected by someone else. Also be sure to add the same number of pieces to each side of your head and in roughly the same places so one side isn’t fuller than the other.

6. Store Them Correctly

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When you take your extension out of your hair, you want to make sure you store them correctly. The better care you take now, the longer they will last. Don’t just throw them in a drawer or your bag. Gather all the pieces together and brush them out. Gather them together at the base with a hair tie and then twist the length loosely together. Fold them up and gently place them in the box or container they came in.

7. Prevent Tangles

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Chances are your hair is slightly damaged. It’s not as smooth and silky as your extensions. When you wear extensions, your hair rubs against the extension creating friction and causing tangles. Keep a small brush with you and brush through the tangles as often as possible.

8. Wash Them

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Your hair extensions do need to be washed, but not very often. They don’t collect oil from our scalp like our natural hair. If you don’t use a lot of product on your extensions, you can go a month or longer between washes. I suggest you limit product use. The less washing you have to do, the longer they will hold up.

Enjoy your hair extensions. I hope these tips will help you apply them well and take good care of them. Do you have any tips for someone new to hair extensions?

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