7 Key Nutrients for Your Hair That You Simply Must Take ...


Iโ€™m pretty avid about keeping my hair healthy and shiny, so I never mind sharing key nutrients for your hair with others. Your diet can make or break your hair, literally! There are certain nutrients in the diet that must be included, or your hair will break, fall out, thin out and frizz out, along with driving you insane! The good thing is, the nutrients are easy to find in delicious foods and can offer you a dramatic change to your mane really quickly. Youโ€™ll have your hairdresser asking you for your diet once you start maxing out on foods with these nutrients. Oh, and as a bonus, foods that are good for your hair are also amazing for your body! You really can eat your way to beauty and a head full of gorgeous hair with certain key nutrients for your hair. Start filling your plate with these vitamins and minerals and youโ€™ll spend less time fussing at your hair each day, so you can flaunt it instead!

1. Biotin

Biotin is possibly one of the most important key nutrients for your hair of all. For starters, the B vitamin known as biotin is important to nourish the hair because it builds collagen, maintains elasticity, and supports growth. This is one reason it supports nail growth and skin health as well. You can find biotin in any hair, skin and nail supplement, but I especially love getting it through delicious foods like eggs, chicken, turkey, salmon, avocados, and almonds. Biotin is also found in Greek yogurt and most foods higher in protein. To get the benefits, each one biotin rich food at least once per day, or take a supplement of 5000mcg to notice a major change quickly. Donโ€™t worry about getting too much. Biotin is a B vitamin, so your body will excrete what it doesnโ€™t need so you canโ€™t OD on the stuff.

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