Natural Afro Hair: 8 Great Reasons to Ditch Relaxers ...


Natural Afro Hair is sexy, it has that amazing volume, texture and body the other hair types are not blessed with and I see no reason to give it all up just so you could have one straight hairstyle day in day out. Yes, you’ve guessed it – I’m going to talk about relaxers, the damage they can cause to your gorgeous natural afro hair and reasons to ditch them! So here are some pretty strong reasons to ditch unneeded chemicals and invest your time and money into caring for your stunning totally natural afro hair!

1. Because They Can Cause Serious Damage

Because They Can Cause Serious Damage

We’re talking about some pretty serious chemicals here, ladies! Chemicals that can have a negative effect on your health and looks! Some of these effects might be only temporary such as mild irritation or hair damage but there are always a few of those you really need to fear of such as permanent hair loss, scarring, and infections. Now, are you really prepared to risk it all for a hairstyle that you might not even like a year or two from now?

Because One Texture is Boring
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