7 New Ponytail Styles to Try This Season ...

Ponytail Styles, despite popular belief, donโ€™t always have to be the same. And, in order to update your everyday ponytail, you'll just have to check out the Fall/Winter 2011-12 catwalks for inspiration. Both designers and hairdressers have been playing with this look for quite a while now, creating new, awesome ponytail styles you'll definitely love and want to wear too. Luckily, all these ponytail styles can be easily achieved at home so take a look at a few ways to work ponytails this season and find your own, perfect up-do:

1. Wet Look

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Wet look ponytail styles made waves on the runways this season. The look was dramatic, confronting and it definitely couldn't go unnoticed. Now, I must admit that it would be fair to say that not everyone is a fan of this style (some may say itโ€™s more โ€˜greasyโ€™ than โ€˜wet lookโ€™) but, just ease up on the gel, and this ponytail style will prove to be much more wearable.

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