7 Simple Ways to Age Proof Your Hair ...

Yes, your hair absolutely changes as you get older. What does that mean? It means you should start taking age proofing steps right now. By protecting your hair from the start, you can live your entire life without worry that it will show people how old you really are. Luckily, age proofing your hair doesnโ€™t have to be hard to take a ton of time, so you can get it done without a big commitment. Here are some easy tips to get you started. Good luck!

1. Keep It Long

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First, Iโ€™m in no way implying that having short hair makes you look older. For many women, a short style is wonderful. However, hair experts contradict me by saying that medium to long styles take years off your face. They also say that unless you have some epic bone structure, youโ€™re going to look younger with longer strands. Take that as you will, but know that Iโ€™m just the messenger. I will say this though- when I look at old pictures or myself, I look younger with longer hair than I do with shorter.

2. Use the Right Hair Products

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Your hair isnโ€™t the same as your best friendโ€™s or even your sisterโ€™s, so it makes sense that your hair care routine shouldnโ€™t be the same. Choose hair products that target your main concerns. For me thatโ€™s volume. For you it might be colored hair. Whatever it happens to be, choose shampoo, conditioner and styling products that work for your needs. Talk to your stylist about the best choices for you.

3. Try Layers or Bangs

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Lots of hair experts say that layering your hair or adding some bangs will make you look more youthful. Thatโ€™s likely because these are the styles that the younger crowd tend to gravitate toward. By sticking with these two elements, you can keep your look young and gorgeous.

4. Stop Heat Styling

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Ok, you donโ€™t have to stop altogether, but you should definitely limit your heat styling time. Heat damages hair and sucks the moisture out of it, leaving it looking dull, brittle and dry. In other words, old. Try embracing a style that doesnโ€™t require heat. Youโ€™ll save time and your hair will be much more lustrous and shiny, which translates to young, right? Ask your stylist to teach you some good looks that donโ€™t need the curling or straightening iron.

5. Build Volume

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Many womenโ€™s hair naturally thins as they get older. To counteract that, focus on building volume now and as time goes by. Look for products that will pump up the body in your hair so that it always looks full and healthy. You can find great products at most drugstores. If they donโ€™t do the job, talk to your stylist about specialized haircare items that can get you the results you crave.

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Everyoneโ€™s hair turns white or gray as they age. Thereโ€™s no getting around that. And while some women look lovely that way, I just donโ€™t think I could pull it off. If youโ€™re the same way, you might want to consider having a good colorist lined up for when you see those first strands of gray. A home job wonโ€™t always look natural, so you probably want to find someone experienced in covering up grays so that they look natural.

7. Eat the Right Foods

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Just like the rest of your body, your hair relies on a healthy diet to stay strong and healthy. That means young! The healthier your hair looks, the younger it looks so make it a point to fill your plate with lots of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and low-fat dairy and youโ€™ll be good to go.

How do you keep your hair looking healthy and young? These tips should help you look years younger than you really are. Thereโ€™s nothing wrong with that! Which of these tips do you plan to try first?

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