Celeb Hairstyle Secrets πŸ”’ to Steal if You're Trying to Look Your Sexiest 😍 ...

One of the things I like most about social media is that we get a peek into the lives of our favorite celebrities and their glam squad. Seriously, who doesn’t want to learn beauty tips and tricks from the experts? It’s never been easier to get a behind-the-scenes look at how our favorite celebs achieve their seemingly flawless hair and makeup thanks to IG, Snapchat, and Twitter. Keep reading to learn some incredible hair care and styling tips from some of the most sought-after celeb hair stylists around!

1. Snack on Nuts

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Eating clean is not only good for your health and skin but your hair as well. When you get the urge to snack on something, reach for nuts, specifically Brazil nuts. Hair stylist David Babaii of Blo Blow Dry Bar recommends munching on 3-4 Brazil nuts a day for healthier, longer hair in a few weeks. Brazil nuts are high in selenium which helps the body process proteins that are responsible for hair growth.

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