7 Steps to Achieving Shiny Hair That You Have Always Dreamed of ...

Wouldn’t you love to know the steps to achieving shiny hair? Most women want to have shiny hair as much as they want to have a perfect complexion. Unfortunately, it can be as difficult to achieve. But if you know the steps to achieving shiny hair, it can be much easier to attain. And don’t be surprised when all your friends start asking for your secrets.

1. Start with the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

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This is one of the most important steps to achieving shiny hair. If you don’t start with the right products, you are not going to get the right results. Look for a shampoo and conditioner combo that is formulated to add shine and sleekness to your hair. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner combos can help to add shine, too. You especially want to avoid formulations that add body because they will dry the shine right out of your hair.

2. Use Conditioner Carefully

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There is a right way and a wrong way to use conditioner. For many years, I used the wrong way and it is a way that will not help you to have shiny hair. Most people take a bit of conditioner and just rub it on their hair while the hair is gathered together as if it was ready for a ponytail. This is incorrect. It is better to add the conditioner and comb it through, either with a shower comb or your fingers. Leave it on for two to three minutes before you rinse out.

3. Don’t Wash Daily

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It is really better if you can get in the habit of not washing your hair daily. There are many reasons that this is beneficial for your hair but one of the benefits is that it makes your hair shiny. If you wash your hair every day, you are stripping the oil out of it. If you do this, it will get brittle and dry and have absolutely no shine. Even if you can only skip washing your hair one or two days a week, you will find it helpful in making your hair shiny.

4. Add a Smoothing Oil into Your Routine

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If you don’t use a smoothing oil or serum, you need to add this to your routine. The best time to apply this is right after you comb out your wet hair from washing it. It will make your hair shiny. The best way to use this is to put a pea to dime size drop in your palm, rub your palms together and rub it down the length of your hair. It is best to not apply it to the roots. My favorite brand for this product is Matrix.

5. Use a Cool Shot

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Using a hair dryer is not the recipe for shiny hair. However, there is something that you can do with your hair dryer to help shiny hair. After your hair is dry, turn the heat down and give your hair a good shot of cool air. This will help your hair to look smooth and shiny. This gives you the perfect base to start styling.

6. Use the Right Flat Iron

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There are so many flat irons to choose from that it can get confusing when you try to decode them. What you are looking for is a flat iron that is tourmaline. Flat irons made with tourmaline makes the cuticle of the hair smooth and therefore, shiny. On the subject of flat irons, you want to use it at the lowest heat setting that will still work for your style to avoid damaging your hair. There are many wonderful brands but my favorites are Hot Tools and Chi.

7. Watch Your Hair Habits

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Your hair habits have a lot to do with the amount of shine your hair has in it. You do not want to over process your hair by bleaching or coloring it too often. You can also strip the shine out of your hair by using your hair dryer on too high a heat setting. Only use it on a medium heat setting until it is dry and then follow with the cool shot of air like I mentioned before. Taking good care of your hair pays you back by rewarding you with a beautiful shine.

Shiny hair is something we all desire and these tips will help you achieve that. I would love to know your secrets to having beautiful shiny hair. What do you do to get it?

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