The Best Ever Hair Care Tips for Self-Colored Hair ...


Although stylists will always tell you to go to a salon for coloring your hair, millions of women choose to dye at home. There are some really good home dye kits that produce great results and if you follow these tips for self-colored hair, there’s no need to spend loads of dosh at the salon.

1. Moisturize!!

One of the biggest challenges on how to look after self-colored hair is that dying hair sucks out the moisture. The cuticle, or the outermost layer of the hair, suffers most when we self-color. To avoid this, be sure to use natural oils a few days before you dye your hair. This will help the hair remain strong and keep it looking shiny even after you dye it. There are several products on the market you could use, but there’s probably a fairly inexpensive one right in your kitchen - extra virgin olive oil. It’s also a great treatment for dandruff if you’re prone to an itchy and flaky scalp.

Change Your Hair Dye
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