The Stages πŸ“Ά of Donating Your Hair πŸ‘© for Girls Contemplating πŸ€” Cutting βœ‚οΈ It All πŸ’― off ...

Ready to hear the the stages of donating your hair?

Hair is a finicky thing. Somedays it does what you want, others nothing works. At some point in our lives, we’ve all thought about chopping it all off. The thing about hair is we know it will always grow back, but that time between a bad haircut (or just a really short one) can feel like an eternity. Sometimes you don’t realize how attached we are to our lovely locks until they are gone. Here are the stages of donating your hair.
I love this length
Now it’s too long
Trim or chop?
It’s ALL gone!
Oh, this is nice and breezy
What did I do?!
It’s for the KIDS
I wonder how many wigs they made
Does it matter? I want my hair back!
New do - new you
I look like a teenage boy
No ponytail holder, no problem
This bob is cuuuuuute
Man bun hell
All the bobby pins
If I get a trim I’m going in the wrong direction
If I don’t get a trim I’ll never take off my hat
Get a trim
It was for the KIDS
Could use a ponytail holder I haven’t carried in months
Finally getting back to normal
Takes years to dry after a shower
Falls just right
Run your fingers through your hair and it feels sooooo good
Ugh, it's hot and heavy and I just want it to go away
Maybe I’ll donate again
Never forget the man bun
(will probably donate again)

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