7 Tips for Avoiding Mishaps with Your at-Home Hair Color Kit ...


Using an at-home hair color kit is my preferred choice, simply because I rarely have the time or the urge to spend the money on a salon treatment. I know, I know; stylists advise against this, but the truth is that if you're careful and skilled, you can still end up with a gorgeous color. You may need a friend and it's entirely possible that, if you're not used to coloring your own hair, you'll have a little faux pas every now and then. Still, if you follow these tips, you'll avoid any mishaps with your at-home hair color kit, save some money, and get to enjoy a stunning head of hair.

1. Buy More than One Box

Here I speak from experience, but let me say that it depends on you, your hair, and what you know about it's behavior. I've got thick hair, so even when it's short, I generally need two boxes of color. Full disclosure: after not coloring my hair for a year, I recently went red for autumn, and because I've got a short bob, I decided one box would be enough. It was not, I ended up with a slight cheetah print – all because I didn't trust my knowledge of my hair. If you don't end up needing both boxes, don't worry – you'll have it for root touch-ups. Just cover your bases, so you won't have to run out for a second at-home hair color kit with a hat covering your hair.

Choose Your Shade Wisely
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