7 Tips for the Perfect Ponytail ...


Tips for the perfect ponytail can range from stylish techniques to the products you use. While ponytails are simple enough to put up, it’s getting them to look good that can be trickier. Managing flyaways and getting your ponytail to stay in place can all affect how the finished product looks. Whether you’re after a slicked back look or a low and loose ponytail, these are a few tips for the perfect ponytail that you might find helpful.

1. Get Dirty

When it comes to tips for the perfect ponytail, the state of your hair can make all the difference. Clean, freshly washed hair can be slippery and hard to fix in place. Unwashed hair that is a little bit greasier is much easier to style and more likely to stay put. If you’re putting clean hair up into a ponytail, a smart trick is to use dry shampoo to fake some texture.

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