7 Tips on How to Grow out Relaxed Hair without the Big Chop ...


How to grow out relaxed hair without cutting it and having to spend more than a year or two regaining all that precious length? Now that, my ladies, is a question that we definitely need to find an answer for! I understand that growing out relaxed hair is a unique experience and that copy-pasting somebody else’s routine, expecting it to work like a charm is a huge gamble, yet believe that some tips for growing out hair are, in fact, universal and definitely worth trying. And the following seven definitely fit that description:

1. Get It Trimmed

Growing out relaxed hair will be much easier if you decide to change your hairstyle a bit and maybe go a little bit shorter in the beginning of this process. You can skip it, of course, but don’t skip your future hair appointments – chop off that damaged length bit by bit instead of just waiting for it to break off and your hair will be more manageable and healthier during your transition.

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