7 Tips to Care for Your Ceramic Straightener ...


Good ceramic hair straighteners don’t come cheap, and if you’re anything like me, you use yours all the time. Because forking out for a new one every year or so is just not feasible, it’s important that you treat the one you’ve got carefully so that it doesn’t decide to break down. In addition, you’ll find that a little straightener TLC every now and again will improve the performance of your appliance, and might even play a role in protecting your hair from inevitable heat damage. To help you keep your hair irons in good shape, I’ve put together a list of 7 tips to care for your ceramic straighteners.

1. Store Correctly

A ceramic straightener should always be stored lying flat. Never hang your product up by its cable, for example: this will eventually loosen the wire connection so that the straightener won’t turn on. If yours came with its own specially designed case, keeping it in that is a good way to ensure it’s stored correctly.

Get a Heat Proof Mat
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