7 Top Notch Hair Brushes That Will Blow You Away ...

Top notch hair brushes can be hard to come by. I mean, we can’t exactly grab hair brushes off the shelves and start testing them out, right?! Because of our concerns with hygiene, we can’t always try before we buy, so often times we end up arbitrarily picking something out. No matter your hair type, there is a brush out there for you that you’re going to love! Check out my picks for top notch hair brushes below!

1. Mason Pearson Brush

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You can’t talk about top notch hair brushes without mentioning Mason Pearson. These handmade brushes are adored by many hair stylists and women everywhere! What makes this brush so unique and desirable is that it’s designed with a rubber cushion pad to help clean the hair, stimulate the scalp for increased blood flow and distribute oils. They carry a range of brushes for those with thinning hair, thick hair and normal or short hair. Available at Nordstrom, prices start around $88.

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