7 Tutorials on Homemade Hair Products ...


Homemade hair products I’m going to list here and fun & easy to make, completely natural and will help you turn your damaged or dull locks into pure gorgeousness! Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever attempted a homemade hair product before so I’ve decided to post videos instead of just recipes in hopes that may clear things up a bit. And here are some fantastic DIY hair products you really ought to try:

1. DIY Sea Salt Spray


Adding salt spray to your list of homemade hair products you’re proud of might not be such a bad idea this summer, especially if you’re into the beachy, surfer –girl look! Oh, and here’s the good part- it doesn’t have to have that sickening coconuty, tropical smell most of the store bought products have! It doesn’t have to smell like lavender either, just add your favorite essential oil and you can even squirt in just a bit of your favorite conditioner to make this product even better.

Piece of Cake DIY Hot Oil Treatment
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