Unique 🙃 Hair Tips Meant for Brunette Beauties 💇🏽 ...

We all know about the classic blonde versus brunette jokes. They can be both offensive and flattering. But we're not going to deal with those today. In this post, the spotlight is on hair tips for all of you brunette beauties out there who are thinking of taking extra care of your hair or contemplating on changing your hair color:

1. Treat Your Hair with Coconut Milk

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There's a reason why the coconut is called the tree of life. Everything about it can be used for different purposes. As for coconut milk, don't just limit its use to making chicken curry. You can actually use coconut milk as an effective hair treatment product. After you shampoo and condition your hair, divide your hair into small parts and start massaging coconut milk on your scalp. Proceed to apply the milk from roots to tips. Coconut milk has a distinct smell so if you want to try this out, do it on a Friday night when there's no work the following day or you have no plans of going out of the house over the weekend.

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