You'll Love This Overnight No-Heat Curls Video!

If you love beautiful beachy curls but absolutely hate subjecting your hair to heat, this video by flair4hair22 is perfect for you!

1. Brush You Hair

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Starting with damp hair, part it into two and brush it thoroughly.

2. Section and Wrap Your Hair around Socks

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Use a rat tail comb to create sections and wrap each section around a sock. Remember, bigger sections create looser waves. Roll the sock up close to your scalp, tie a knot and pull.

3. Repeat the Process with the Rest of Your Hair

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Continue the process but wrap each section in opposite directions, one inward and the other outward. Repeat until all your hair has been twisted and wrapped.

4. Spritz Your Hair

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Spritz your hair with water and off to bed you go.

5. In the Morning....

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Open up your sections, run your hands through the curls and style as you please.

Awesome, right?

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