7 Fabulous and Fast Hairstyling Tips ...


I am always in need of fast hairstyling tips because it seems that, no matter how early I wake up to get ready for the day, I am always running behind.

Styling my hair seems to be what constantly puts me behind schedule!

However, using these few key fast hairstyling tips has really helped me pull it together and manage get out the door on time.

1. Volume

I've found out that I can create a bit more volume by putting my damp hair up into a loose bun before going to bed.

I start by spritzing my hair with a volumizing spray and then pull it all up into a loose ponytail on the top of my head.

Finally I twist my hair into a loose bun and secure with a few bobby pins.

By prepping my hairstyle like this, all that's left for me to do in the morning is take my hair down and comb through with my fingers.

2. Waves

I like to wear my hair in waves when going on a date or a night out with my girls.

And there's one awesome yet fast hairstyling tip for waves I've learned from a friend.

She suggested I should apply a little mousse in my hair from roots to end, divide my hair into several sections, then braid each section and secure it with an elastic band.

In the morning when I unbraid each section I have a head full of perfect waves.2

The more sections you create the more waves you will get.

I don’t always sleep in the braids, though - If my date is on a weekend I'll wear my braids throughout the day around the house and take them down after my hair is dry.2

3. Unwashed Straight Hair

We’ve all had those moments when our hair isn't perfectly clean and we have a surprise visitor coming over, or have to be somewhere in 30 minutes and don’t have any time to get ready.

This is horrible if your unwashed hair is starting to look oily on top.

No worries.

For a fast hairstyling fix grab a section of hair at the front of your crown.

Tease it a little to get some lift and then pull the section to side, securing it with a bobby pin.

Unwashed Curly Hair
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