23 Hairstyles for Your Diamond Shape Face ...


Do you have a diamond shaped face?

If your forehead and chin are narrower than the central part of your face across your cheekbones, and it's angular, you are a diamond.

You can look to the gorgeous Rihanna, Nicole Kidman and Liz Hurley for style inspiration as they share your facial shape.2

Want to know which styles to consider to make the most of your lovely heart.-shaped face?

1. Long Flicks

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Provides a lovely frame to a diamond shaped face.2

2. Medium to Short

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The great thing about having a diamond shaped face - you lucky lady - is that some styles for an oval shaped face suit you too.

3. Kristin Cavallari's Sexy Curls

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Her hair has such volume.

4. Versatility

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A versatile style suitable for many face shapes.

5. Go Short

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The Waif has been popular for decades.

6. Short Flicks

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Some styles will really show off your face shape.

7. January Jones' Hot Sharp Bob

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The side sweep softens angles.

8. Cute Short Cut


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Diamond shaped faces usually have great cheekbones.

Show them to their advantage.

9. Ciara's Neat Trick

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An angled or curved brow line with a peak will narrow the wider cheekbones, making the widest portion of your face look narrower2

10. Ashley's Face-framing Layers

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Via Heart-shaped faces

Ashley Olsen's blonde 'do is extra flattering on her face shape because they curve in around her jaw line, filling in the area and bringing the eye downward.

Works well for heart and diamond shaped faces.

11. Medium Length with Long Layers and a Long Side-swept Fringe


Via Gallery - Maurice Meade

This cut provides movement around the face, softening the angles.

Ashley Greene's Long, Side-swept Bangs
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