7 Quirky Hair Accessories That Only the Brave Can Pull off ...


If you’re finding yourself in a serious hair rut, which as we all know is a true emergency, then maybe you just need to add a little spunk to your 'do with some quirky hair accessories!

Most hair accessories are so generic, aren’t they?

Rubber bands, standard headbands, hair combs, and the like are incredibly useful, yet so common.2

If you need a new 'do, then try taking your hairstyle up just a notch with some accessories that might require a bit of courage, but are sure to beat the boredom.

I’m loving these odd, yet quirky hair accessories that are new on the market and increasing in popularity.

Give them a go and let me know if you’ve tried any of these so far!

1. A Printed Scarf

A Printed Scarf

Instead of your usual headband, try one of the latest quirky hair accessories that has become quite the rage this year: the printed scarf!2

I love the idea of wearing a printed scarf as a headband.

While not a new trend, the new popular scarf prints out this year are some of the best yet!

Think paisley prints, geometric prints and anything that grabs attention.

This would look great with a low pony, an updo, or would even look great with leaving your hair down and wearing it loose.

Don’t restrict your scarves to your neck alone, girls.

Get creative and use them in your hair!

2. A Classy Bow

A Classy Bow

This hair accessory takes a bit of bravery because it looks a little like something from the '60s, but I happen to love it.

It screams feminine, classy and bold.

It also looks adorable with anything from jeans to the right dress.

It would make a perfect casual hairstyle turn into something adorable and stylish in under one minute.

It feels so Audrey Hepburn to me, which is why I think it helps create a classic, yet stylish appeal.

Try using any ribbon you have at home, or buy a bow accessory next time you’re at the store.

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