7 Ways to Get Beach Waves without Going to the Beach ...


There are plenty of ways to get beach waves in your hair without actually going to the beach.

Wavy beach hair has become quite a desirable look, but not all of us can escape to the beach to achieve it.

Or if you do, it never ends up looking like it does in the magazines anyway!2

Instead, faking your way to wavy beach hair involves some simple styling tips.

Here are just some examples of ways to get beach waves without actually having to hit the surf!

1. The Cut

The Cut

When looking at ways to get beach waves, start with your hair cut.

Believe it or not, the right hair cut can make all the different when it comes to achieving those stylish beach waves.

Long layers are best for promoting natural looking waves, so get your hairdresser to give you some next time you go in for a cut.

2. Salt Spray

Salt Spray

Salt spray is often used by those wanting to recreate that just-been-to-the-beach look at home.

Store bought salt sprays can help bring out the natural wave in your hair as well as add volume and texture, which is key to getting that wavy beach hair look.

Just remember that salt sprays can dry out your hair, so use them sparingly or in conjunction with a moisturising conditioner or serum.

3. Twists


Create the effect of beach hair with a few twists and turns.

Start by twisting your hair into sections and then securing them into buns.2

Leave them for a while (you could even try overnight if they don’t annoy you too much) to let them set.

Undo and loosen the buns and lightly comb through with your fingers.

You should be left with some tousled beach waves.

Two to four low buns should be enough to create that wavy effect.

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