8 Ways to Give Your Hair More Volume ...


Ways to give hair more volume can vary from styling to treatment tips. As far as hair trends go, voluminous locks are on the up and up. Get in on this trend by giving your hairstyle the big hair treatment. If you’re after a way to give hair more volume, quick tips like parting your hair differently or an application of dry shampoo can be quite effective. Take a look at a few ways to give your hair more volume below.

1. Switch up Your Part

If you part your hair in the same place every day, this will only encourage it to lay flat.

To give your hair some extra volume simply part it on the other side or sweep your hair back and lose the part altogether.

Keep your new hairdo in place with some hairspray, to keep your hair from falling back into its usual parted pattern.

2. Get the Right Haircut

The right haircut can make all the difference when it comes to making your hair appear thick and more voluminous.

We keep getting told that layers are key to a stylish haircut, but too many layers can make hair appear stringy and lifeless.2

A single length cut makes hair look thicker, but might not always be so flattering.

Instead, go for angled pieces to frame your face.

3. Condition then Shampoo

This tip may seem like one of the odder ways to give hair more volume.

Conditioner can weigh the hair down, so applying it last can in fact encourage it to lay flat.

Applying shampoo after conditioner will help remove any residue and leave hair much lighter.

Try it out and see if it works for you!

4. Add Oils

You may think adding oil to your hair will make it greasier and weigh it down.

However, adding just the right amount of oil can help mop up any heavier oils on your scalp.

Try palm or coconut oils on for size.

Blow Dry Upwards
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