Surefire Ways to Go Longer between Washes🚿 and Still Have Fabulous Hair👸🌌 ...


I keep seeing lots of articles about how to go longer between hair washes.2

We’re hearing more and more how we shouldn’t wash our hair every day - mainly because chemicals are stripping our tresses of their natural oils, which keep the cuticles sleek and shiny.

It’s difficult to conceive having no poo days if you feel you HAVE to wash your hair every day.

I think it’s very much a case of trying it because everyone’s hair is different.

And if you want to test it out, you’ll find that these ways to go longer between hair washes provide much needed advice.

1. Wash Your Hair Properly

It may not look like an art, but many women don’t know how to wash their hair properly.

Have you noticed how your hair looks shinier, healthier, and cleaner after a visit to the salon?

Professionals don't make common mistakes like us mere mortals and you could be guilty of all sorts of washing faux pas.

Full instructions for how to wash your hair right here: Are You Washing Your Hair Right?

2. Avoid Shampooing Every Day

Over-washing your hair will cause several problems.

You strip your hair of its natural oils and nutrients – it may also lead to brittle strands, hair breakage, and dry scalp.3

If you feel you can’t style dry hair, use clean water and just rinse.

No shampoo.

3. Use Your Hair Products Sensibly

One of the crucial things for how to go longer between washes is knowing how and when to use your hair products.2

Applying more of something isn't always good.

Don't automatically assume that because a pea-sized amount of straightening balm helps keep your hair straight for a day, an apple-sized amount is enough to keep you going for a week.

You need to proceed sensibly and ensure that you're not using greasy hair serum if your goal is to prolong a hair wash.

Similarly, you should use volumizing mousses, straightening balms, and curl-defining sprays sparingly – don't apply them too close to your scalp either.

Don't Keep Touching Your Hair
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