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With the winter “blues” finally behind us and the sun shining happily once again, I bet all of you curly ladies will feel better having fun outside than spending hours inside trying to work up a perfectly flat, groomed hairstyle.

Some of the straight haired ladies may even wish to change their appearance for a day or two and model those gorgeous romantic curls.

Well, do not worry because I’ve done the browsing for you and I have managed to find some great YouTube tutorials to help you style and groom your locks, regardless of their length and texture.

So, have fun watching and remember – if you arm yourself with enough patience, these YouTube tutorials on curls could be everything you need to have perfectly styled hair!2

1. Flat Iron Curls

Wanna have those luscious bouncy curls?

Well, don’t worry because Iris is going to show you how to get them with the help of your flat iron and your flat iron only.2

Yup, you heard good – no fancy curling irons or techniques this time, just your ol’ hair straightener and some patience.

Hope you have long hair, though, because I doubt this curling technique would work on short or even medium-long hair.

2. Casual Hairstyle Ideas

Umm… Do I have to mention that these styles are super cute and super easy?2

I’ll pass ‘cause you’re about to hear it at least 10 times throughout this video.


I know, I know, I’m being really mean right now!

But, my weird humor aside, this girl has some really good ideas!

Hairstyle ideas number one and two are definitely my summer favorites and the hippie headband is something I’m definitely going to try out in the near future.2

Now, the best thing about summer and curly hair is that your hairstyle doesn’t have to be all perfect so if you like casual, messy does definitely take it from here and start experimenting with different types of buns and braids.

I love ‘em!

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