7 YouTube Tutorials on Curls ...

With the winter “blues” finally behind us and the sun shining happily once again, I bet all of you curly ladies will feel better having fun outside than spending hours inside trying to work up a perfectly flat, groomed #hairstyle. Some of the straight haired ladies may even wish to change their appearance for a day or two and model those gorgeous romantic curls. Well, do not worry because I’ve done the browsing for you and I have managed to find some great YouTube tutorials to help you style and groom your locks, regardless of their length and texture. So, have fun watching and remember – if you arm yourself with enough patience, these YouTube tutorials on curls could be #everything you need to have perfectly styled hair!

1. Flat Iron Curls


Wanna have those luscious bouncy #curls? Well, don’t worry because Iris is going to show you how to get them with the help of your flat iron and your flat iron only. Yup, you heard good – no fancy curling irons or techniques this #time, just your ol’ hair straightener and some patience. Hope you have #long hair, though, because I doubt this curling technique would work on short or even medium-long hair.