7 Ways to Deal with Damaged Hair ...


We women sure do love our hair dryers and curling irons, don't we? And who can live without a new hair color or perm? As great as these things are, they're super damaging on our fragile hair. If we must use them, we should take care to "baby" our hair with lots of good things for it. However, if you're already faced with dry, brittle hair, here are 7 ways to deal with damaged hair and make it better!

1. Moisturizing Masks

It's a good idea to use a good moisturizing mask once a week. L'Oreal has a great masque for your hair. It's called "Ever Strong." Another good one is called "It's a 10" and can be bought from beauty shops and local beauty supply stores. If your hair is badly damaged, on top of using one of these products once a week, you should try Aussie 3 Minute Miracle every time you shampoo your hair.

Vinegar Soak
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