8 Haircare Tips for African American Women ...


I have quite a few African American lady friends who all have told me the same thing; it can be very difficult to keep their hair looking healthy. I learned that the makeup of their hair is much different than the way mine is. Between the information these gals have provided me and the research I’ve done on the web, here are 8 haircare tips for African American women to use. I’m sure many of them are not completely new, but hopefully this collection will still be useful!

8. Reduce Breakage by Limiting the Amount of Heat Styling

Hot tools for straightening or styling hair can cause quite a bit of damage. The heat makes hair dryer than usual and this causes the strands to be more prone to breaking. The last thing any woman wants is fragile hair. A lack of moisture in each strand reduces the natural protein, which is what causes breakage. Chemical processing can also cause hair to break more often. An overuse of chemicals causes hair to become less elastic, thus resulting in broken strands more often.

Prevent Dryness by Using a Water-based Hair Moisturizer
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