Are You Washing Your Hair Right?


You stand in the shower. You wet your hair. You shampoo and rinse. You might add conditioner before rinsing again. Sounds simple right? Isn’t that how to wash your hair? Not necessarily! How you wash your hair contributes to its health and how good it looks. Here’s how to wash your hair the correct way:

1. A Rinse to Start

The first step to take when considering how to do your hair right is to begin the process with a hot rinse. Exposing your hair to hot water at the beginning of your shower will help to open up the cuticle which is necessary for removing and getting rid of any trapped dirt and hair product that may be present. Also, going through a hot rinse helps to loosen the oils in the scalp, which opens up the cuticle further in order for the oil in your conditioner to be better absorbed.

Long Hair? Condition First
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