13 Best Products for Blondes ...

The effort we go through being blonde! Hours sat with our hair in foils, moaning about roots and dull, dry hair, pining after the shiny hair of every brunette who walks past. We've all had or heard a blonde horror story of hair falling out or snapping off, even Marilyn Monroe’s long hair suffered for her trademark platinum colour! But we don’t have to suffer as blondes any more - if you regularly treat your hair with some of the best products for blondes, your hair can be both blonde AND healthy.

1. Lush Daddy-O Shampoo

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Price: $29.95 at lushusa.com

Who hasn't walked out of the salon delighted with a gorgeous blonde colour and 2 weeks later stared into a mirror wondering where those orange and yellow streaks came from? Purple or silver shampoos are the best products for blondes to avoid brassy, yellow tones. Having tried a zillion different ones, I can confidently advise using this amazing shampoo once a week, or when needed.

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