Beyond Gorge Rainbow 🌈 Hair Colors to Rock 🤘🏼 if You Want to Express Yourself ✌🏼️ ...

Hair color trends come and go but one trend in hair color that's big right now is using hair color to express your individual style. It's not just dying your hair pink because everyone's doing it but more like dying your hair pink with your own little twist on it. Tons of IG stars and models embody their unique personalities through their hair with their distinctive hair color choices. Keep scrolling to see some of the raddest ways to express yourself through your hair.

1. A Touch of Rainbow

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If you don't want to commit to all-over color, try adding a few brights streaks of color to frame your face. Model Irene Kim is a pro at adding bright splashes of color in her hair and the pops of color really personifies her free spirit.

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