9 Celebrity Haircuts for Summer Hair Inspiration ...

Looking at celebrity haircuts and styles is a great source of hair inspiration. In fact, celebrities offer us so much fabulous inspiration when it comes to fashion, makeup, hair and so much more than we might realize. I mean, who better to get ideas from than those who have access to the best of the best when it comes to style and beauty? If you’re looking to find a new signature hairstyle or just want a new look for summer, browse these stunning celebrity haircuts for some of the best hair looks to rock this season!

1. Jennifer Lawrence

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JLaw is one of the many celebrities who is always getting praised for her choices of hairstyle. She looked dazzling with long, flowing hair and then chopped it all off to show us that she can pretty much rock hair at any length and look gorgeous. Currently, her hair is in the awkward growing out phase but this is definitely far from awkward. This is one of the celebrity haircuts that anyone who has grown out a short haircut can emulate in order to make the transition from short to long hair a little more bearable.

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