7 Celebrity Hairstyles You Shouldn't Copy ...

Celebrity hairstyles are often great inspiration when you are searching for a new hairstyle…I always check out whose rocking what hair before going off to get mine cut. You can see how things really look, how to style it…and what faddy looks you might be better off avoiding! It seems not all celebrity hairstyles are worth copying, though – a survey by a UK hair company recently voted for the worst celebrity haircuts of the 21st century, and some of them will shock you!

1. Rihanna…

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Yep, Rihanna came top. The Barbarian style-setter does tend to choose some crazy styles (see through dresses come to mind!) and it seems not many people liked her half-shaved-head look. Although Ri-Ri pulls it off here, just, the odd style did take some getting used too, and her very feminine gold jewellery and intricate blue-and-gold dress do balance it out in this photo. It’s definitely not one of the celebrity hairstyles I’m tempted to try though! What do you think – edgy and gorgeous, or just a bit too weird?

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