7 Commonly Used Chemicals Your Hair is Better off without ...


There are many chemicals for hair to avoid these days, many toxic ingredients hiding in plain sight, listed under nice, harmless names. Not thinking about it is, without the question, much easier but you’ll have to agree that knowing which chemicals in hair products to avoid and how to spot harmful hair product is actually much better, not to mention healthier in the long run! So, let’s check out some of the most common of those chemicals:

1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Known simply as sulfate or SLS, this harsh soap is what makes your shampoo produce all that foam and bubbles. And while some people think the amount of suds is a very important indicator of quality, I know it’s one of those chemicals for hair to avoid! And now you do too, although I bet that, by now, this pretty much falls under common knowledge. Due to its harsh ingredients, a shampoo containing SLS will probably remove more product buildup, leaving your hair fresh, clean and significantly less oily (because this chemical is also used as an engine degreaser) than before. What you don’t know is that exposing your hair to this chemical actually destroys it in the long run, stripping it off essential oils it needs to stay healthy, breaking down protein and halting healthy hair growth!

Perfume (Fragrance)
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