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7 Cute Short Curly Hairstyles ...

By Jelena

Short curly hairstyles are playful, sexy, chic and unbelievably easy to style and upkeep! So, if you’ve ever toyed with the idea of getting a short curly hairstyle, you should definitely have one of these 7 cuts for curly hair in mind:

1 Mop Top

Worn and loved by Meg Ryan, this short curly hairstyle definitely looks better than it sounds! The style itself is shorter and more rounded than a bob cut, it fits oval faces perfectly and can be dressed up or down in a heartbeat with the help of a few basic glam accessories such as fascinators, flowers and clips.

2 Sleep Rumpled

Now, I don’t know is it because I’ve seen in first on Alyssa Milano but that sleep rumpled, super short, more of a wavy than curly look had always been one of the sexiest short curly hairstyles in my book! This style is perfect for bold, sexy ladies who don’t mind rocking an ultra short style!

3 Curly Bob

I don’t know about you but I was really happy to see my favorite Sex and The City lady, Carrie, trade her messy and, in my opinion, a bit shabby long locks for those chic short curls! It’s the best look she ever had and it’s probably the only look for which I’d gladly sacrifice my finally long hair!

4 Afro

Whether you prefer it really short or maybe chin or neck length- afro is without a question of the hottest ways to style curly hair! I got to rock this style a week or two after my perm last year and I must admit that I was really sad when my hair relaxed and my real hairstyle (that wasn’t supposed to be afro by the way) had finally settled. Thumbs up for Rihanna who rocked this look so well!

5 Chic Layered Bob

With its asymmetric lines, longer and shorter bits it’s really hard to say whether it’s one of the most fabulous short straight hairstyles or one of the most fabulous short curly hairstyles! It certainly looks amazing, which ever way you choose to wear it!

6 Marilyn Monroe Short Curls

Copied by Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani and Scarlett Johansson- this chic cut is certainly as immortal as the sexy Diva herself! Use rollers to get your curls to twist the way you want them to, style your hair using a lot of shine serum and voila!

7 Rihanna’s Mop Short Curls

The last but definitely the fiercest of all short curly hairstyles mentioned above is a short blonde mop updo, this gorgeous songstress has somehow managed to hold on to for a pretty long time. I love the clean cut, extremely short sides and that cascade of wild curls flowing over the top! An absolutely gorgeous, totally eye-catching style like this is definitely worth checking out!

Which one of these short curly hairstyles is your favorite and would you ever consider rocking short curls? I’m definitely considering the asymmetric curly bob- there’s just one more experiment I need to do before summer and then I’m definitely going to do something drastic!

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