7 Excellent Ways to Protect Your Hair when in the Pool ...


How to protect hair in the pool this summer can be as simple as tying up your hair or wetting it with tap water. While you may be tempted to spend as much time in the water as possible during the summer months, chlorine or salt can have damaging effects on your hair. To keep your hair in tip top condition, take a look at the following tips for how to protect your hair in the pool this summer.

1. Wear a Cap

Not always the most stylish option, but probably the most practical one, especially when it comes to ideas on how to protect your hair in the pool. If you’re using the pool to do laps or for other athletic purposes, a swimming cap can also help streamline your technique not to mention that wearing one will prove to be quite a handy trick for keeping your hair dry in the water.

Wet Hair before Swimming
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