7 Hair Care Secrets That Will Totally Change Your Routine ...


Hair care secrets are fun to learn because they give me something new to try when I wash and style my locks. It can be wonderful to hear what works for other people too, because it might be something you never considered before. No matter what type or length of hair you have, there are sure to be more than one or two hair care secrets you can try today. My list by no means covers them all, but it does contain some gems worth trying. Feel free to share your secrets with me.

1. Give Your Hair a Day off

That’s right, your tresses need a break and giving them one is one of the most effortless hair care secrets I can give you. Take one day a week off from the heat styling and piling on the products. A natural look is fun and great for laid-back days eating out or hanging at the park with your kids or friends. A hair care break is a great idea for any day of the week too. If you have the day off from work or school, give your locks the day off too. That time spend away from products and heat can really help keep your hair from getting dry, brittle and broken.

Take Vitamins
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