Hair Color 🎨 Tips You May Have 🚫 Never Heard πŸ‘‚πŸΌ before ...

We all want the best hair color out there, right? That's easier said than done sometimes though. I'm remembering red highlights that turned my hair purple in high school. Anyway, if you're planning to get your hair colored, these tips are some that you've probably never heard, but that can help you get the most fabulous color in town. Perfect!

1. You Aren't Doomed to Damaged Hair

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Maybe you've been avoiding getting your hair colored because you don't want it to look damaged and dry. However, you can have healthy, colored hair. If you have a single color process done, a regular conditioning treatment plan can keep your color glorious and your strands smooth and sleek.

2. Wear a Hat to Protect Your Color

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The sun can really do a number on colored hair so it makes sense to find a super cute hat you can wear when you plan to be outdoors. Blocking the sun's rays will help preserve your hair color longer so you won't have to go back for a touch up as often.

3. Stop Using Clarifying Shampoos

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Clarifying shampoo is often recommended as a way to remove build up from your hair so that it isn't weighed down and dull. However, these types of shampoos can also strip away the color in your hair, leaving it faded and unhealthy. Make sure you follow your stylists advice for caring for your colored hair and read labels so you're choosing products designed for colored hair.

4. Wear Your Usual Hairstyle to the Salon

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If you're a ponytail kind of girl or you prefer to wear your hair down, you're going to get a much better color treatment if you go into the salon with your hair in its natural state. That way your colorist can create a look that goes with your usual style.

5. Color after Your Cut

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If you color your hair, then have it cut, your basically throwing away good money on that newly colored hair that gets swept up after your cut. Have your stylist give you the cut you want before she ever applies any color to your strands.

6. Don't Rely on Instagram to Find Your Color

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It's totally tempting to get on social media to find your next color, but don't forget that those photos can be altered and seeing them on a screen can change the true color. You can use an Instagram photo to let your stylist get a general idea of what color you want, but it might not be a perfect match.

7. Don't Get Caught up on Trends

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Hair colors change with the trends, so be sure you don't choose something that is way out there or that you might have to live with after the cool factor has worn off. If you have a job that's ok with funky hair, by all means, give it a try, but keep your lifestyle in mind first.

What other hair color tips can you share? What color is your hair?

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