7 Hairstyles for Humid Weather so You Don't Feel Icky ...

Depending on if you live in a humid climate or you are just preparing for the summer months, having a few great hairstyles for humid weather in your back pocket will help fend off frizzy, poofy hair. Spending what seems like an eternity on your hair just to have it become completely ruined in humid weather is a total day-ruiner. Take a look at some of these hairstyles for humid weather and beat the heat!

1. Braid into a Bun

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Topping this list of hairstyles for humid weather is the surprisingly easy braid into a bun. Start by parting your hair on the side and section off a one inch section on the side with more hair. Start at the side part and begin French braiding all the way down to the end of the hair, and secure with a hair elastic. Now, gather the rest of your hair and create a low messy bun at the nape of your neck, or off to the side.

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