11 Helpful Tools for Naturally Curly Hair ...

When it comes to tools for curly hair there are many options out there. Believe me, I've tried quite a few of them. If you have naturally curly hair like me then you know that it needs a bit of maintenance to stay healthy and lovely! Finding the right tool to help with the job can be a little tricky and time consuming. To help you out in this area I give you a few of my favorite tools for curly hair to consider using at least once.

1. Hands

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One of the best tools for curly hair that you can possibly use are hands! No matter if they are your hands, or those of your partner or friend, hands are the best way to detect and detangle knots and snarls. They are also your best tool for applying product and smoothing strands. As with any tool, be sure to use with care as over manipulation will cause the frizz and breakage you are trying to avoid.

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