Here's How Brazilian Women Treat Split Ends ...

Split ends are the worst. They make our hair look damaged, they’re ugly to look at, and they could be a sign that we’re using our beloved heat tools all too often. I typically get some scissors and give any split ends a quick snip to get rid of them. As mind numbingly boring it was, I figured it was the best way. But, have you heard about the controversial way to get rid of pesky split ends without sacrificing length? Allow me to introduce you to velaterapia, or candle cutting. Want to know more? Keep reading to get the 411!

1. What is Velaterapia?

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Velaterapia is the process of twisting small sections of your hair and running a candle near the hair to get the damaged ends to stand out. Next, the damaged or split ends are trimmed with scissors and the treatment is followed by a deep conditioning treatment. Sounds insane, right? Well, Victoria’s Secret models Alessandro Ambrosio, Isabeli Fontana, and Barbara Fialho are fans of the hair treatment and have even IG’d their hair burning experience.

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